Norman and The Anarchy

This section is for coins struck between 1066 to 1154. Following his success at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror was crowned William I of England and ruled for the next 20 years. His second son, William Rufus, was made William II but killed in 1100 whilst hunting in the New Forest and so the throne passed to William I's third son, Henry as Henry I. Henry had two children, but his son drowned in 1120 leaving his daughter Matilda to inherit the throne. His nephew, Stephen of Blois, seized the throne in 1135 and for the next 20 years fought Matilda's supporters for control of the country. This period is known as the Anarchy. Peace was only achieved by Stephen promising the throne to Matilda's son, Henry on the former's death. This promise was made good in 1154, from which date the Plantagenets ruled.

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