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The First British Decimal Coins

May 21, 2020

The first country to decimalise was Russia in 1704 which introduced a currency based on  100 Kopeks = 1 Rouble. By the end of the century a decimal currency was either implemented or was actively being considered by a number of countries. e.g. America had used a decimal currency from the earliest US coins in 1792 with 100 Cents = 1 Dollar and in 1795 the French had dropped the Livre in favour of a system based on 100 Centimes = 1 Franc. More countries followed suit over the next few decades. Unsurprisingly, in line with other countries there was a call to decimalise the currency in Great Britain and so in 1824, the MP for Staffordshire, Sir John Wrottesley,...

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Commonly used coin references

November 30, 2015

Coin descriptions will contain references pertaining to that item. These are the main references used by collectors of their respective fields. A list of the prefixes used here is as follows:  BCW The Hammered Silver Coins Produced at the Tower Mint During the Reign of Elizabeth I (I D Brown, C H Comber, W Wilkinson). A detailed study of dies, punches and die pairs for Elizabethan silver coins. The definitive reference. (2006) Dxxxx British Silver Coins since 1816 (Peter J Davies). A list of silver coins struck since 1816 which includes proofs and patterns together with more detailed die varieties than ESC. (1st Ed. 1982) ESC xxxx (xxxx) English Silver Coinage since 1649 (Maurice Bull). A list of silver coins...

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Beginners’ Guide to Coin Collecting

November 30, 2015

Why collect coins? People are attracted to the hobby for a variety of reasons, from taking an interest in a pile of coins found in Granny’s cupboard or inheriting a group of old coins in a bequest, to being interested in an old coin you found in the garden. Everyone handles coins on a daily basis, and some will take a few moments to look at them in closer detail. People often tell me they started collecting as a result of finding a specific 50p or £2 piece in their change. This is a cheap way into collecting, as you can always spend the collection for what it cost, should you get bored. A large number take up the hobby...

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