Welcome to the Coins section of the site. For your convenience coins are divided into different criteria. British coins can be searched by house or period, metal type, hammered, milled or decimals. Foreign coins have their own dedicated section. There is also a section for other British coins which covers Scotland, Ireland (pre-independence), the Islands and overseas dependencies. You may search your chosen field using the dropdown menu on the top bar or by clicking on the various icons. The search facility can be used for specific descriptions such as the standard references or by monarch.



Farthing & Fractionals  Shillings
Halfpennies Florins
Milled Pennies Half Crowns
Twopences / Halfgroats Double Florins
Threepences Crowns
Fourpence / Groats Half Sovereigns
Sixpences Sovereigns



Ancient & Roman Tudor (1485-1603)
Early Saxon & Viking ( to 973) Stuart (1603 -1714)
Late Saxon (973-1066) Hanover (1714-1901)
Norman (1066-1158) Saxe-Coburg (1902-1910)
Medieval (1158-1485) Windsor (1911 on)



Gold Silver Base Metal



Gold Silver Base Metal



British coinage struck under the decimal system can be found here.



All items not struck or issued in the British Isles or Britain's remaining Dependencies can be found here.