Half Crown

The first coin valued at 2/6d was introduced in 1464 during the reign of Edward IV when it was called the Quarter Ryal. Its silver equivalent did not appear until 1551 during the reign of his son, Edward VI. The last gold halfcrowns known were struck in 1619, though it is possible that a very small issue was made in 1620 based on the Pyx records. Sterling silver (0.925) halfcrowns continued to be struck until 1919 (with a weight reduction at the 1816 recoinage), when they were superseded with 0.500 silver coins from 1920 until 1946. The need for silver used to repay Britain's war debts after World War II resulted in the issue of Cupro-Nickel coins from 1947 onwards. The half crown was demonetised in 1970, prior to decimalisation.